August 05, 2013

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Experience with JOINT FLEX

Testimonial on Joint Flex from Briege Farrelly

I met Neelam Tropani of Sewanti in April 2012 at Whole Foods while she was doing a demo of her oils and products. 

My complaint was arthritis and felt it throughout the joints in my body, I was experiencing a lot of pain and inflammation.

As a Yoga Teacher and Massage Therapist, healthy joints are necessary for the capacity to deepen my own practice as well as continue with my livelihood teaching yoga and offering bodywork. After long days of doing both, teaching yoga and massage clients, my joints felt stiff and painful.

Meeting Neelam  I asked her, "What is the Ayurvedic perspective for joint pain and arthritis?”

I appreciated her passion and knowledge of Ayurveda--all she had to say about the body holistically made so much sense. Right away,

I began using the Joint Flex, 2 capsules at breakfast and 2 capsules at dinner.

After a month I began to feel a remarkable shift in having natural range of motion in my joints again and a huge reduction in pain.

I've been using Joint Flex for 15 months now and feel that my joints are stronger and more flexible, like they have been rejuvenated as a result.

I have suggested this product to my family members that suffer from joint issues, they too are using Joint Flex with healing results.

I highly recommend this product.