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Blood Sugar

Excessively high blood sugar levels is becoming an epidemic problem in North America.   It can cause serious neurological damage, deterioration of the your pancreas, loss of feet and hands, blindness and death.  Millions of people have diabetes and many more are not aware that they have this serious health problem.  Consequently everyone should be consuming herbs and supplements that support healthy pancreatic functioning.   However, if you have any of the following symptoms, check your blood sugar levels regularly and begin immediately to take supplements that will reverse the destructive effects of this critical health problem.

1. Feel numbness in hands and feet

2. Weigh loss for no apparent reason

3. Increased thirst and urination

4. Extreme dry skin and itchiness

5. Feel less energetic and weak

6. Slow Healing

7. Irritability

8. Vision problems

9. Yeast infections

10. Feel hungry all the time

As a first important step in dealing with this problem, it is critically important to support the functioning of your pancreas, control blood sugar levels and reduce insulin resistance. Sewanti Diarid has been formulated to support healthy blood sugar levels.

For blood sugar issues, we recommend these beneficial products.

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