Certified Organic Chyavanprash 250g/8.8 oz

100% Organic Herbal Jam for Rejuvenation and Anti-aging

Classical Ayurvedic Formula

Made with all 45 Organic Ingredients according to Ancient Text

  • First and only one in North America- exclusive to Sewanti
  • Delicious treat made with Amla, herbs, spices, honey and ghee
  • Source of Antioxidants and Essential Fatty Acids
  • Preserves youth and slows down aging
  • Rejuvenates mind and body
  • Promotes strength and stamina
  • Supports fertility in women and healthy libido in men
  • No preservatives, pesticides, GMO, gluten, soy, color and additives
  • Suitable for all age group
  • Information booklet attached

Available in 250g - 
Our herbs are 100% certified organic and free from any additives, preservatives, binders, or fillers. They are non GMO verified sourced, fair trade and gluten free.


Category: ayurveda balance

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