Luxurious Sterling Silver Metal Tongue Cleaner: 97% Silver and 3% Copper

  • Made with pure silver and not plated with silver.
  • Daily use of silver cups, plates and spoons one gets the benefit of absorbing trace silver into bloodstream. The use of silver tongue cleaner is multiple:
  • Silver & Gold are noble metals used by ancient Kings and Emperors to stay healthy & strong
  • Silver Tongue Scraper helps you keep your breath fresh by allowing you to scrape off mucous and debris from the tongue and clean the toxins buildup on the tongue.
  • Supports immune system and improves eyesight
  • Kindles digestion and wards of common colds
  • Silver is noted for its anti-bacterial properties
  • Supports urinary tract in men and women
  • Beneficial for Pitta Prakruti

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