Organic Ashwagandha Root Powder

 Certified Organic Ayurveda herbs.  Ashwagandha root powder

    Vitality herb - rejuvenates & nourishes the nervous system

         Certified 100% Organic

             GMO free

               Kosher & Halal certified 


        • Botanical name: Withania somnifera
        • Adaptogenic Herb - Helps to reduce the negative effects of daily stress.
        • Part used: Root.
        • Qualities: Earth, sweet, warming, bitter, astringent and building.
        • Systems: Reproductive, nervous and respiratory.
        • Ayurveda: Men's herb. Vata & Kapha balancing, May aggravate Pitta if taken in excess.


        Take 1 - 2 tsp. in warm cow's milk ( preferably raw or organic, whole and sweetened with raw organic sugar with a hint of ghee) or with warm water before bedtime. Beneficial for children as well as people with weakness.

         Available in 200g

        Our herbs are 100% certified organic and free from any additives, preservatives, binders, or fillers. They are non GMO verified sourced, fair trade and gluten free.

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