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Sewanti Rejuvenation Package

Sewanti Rejuvenation Package

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Rejuvenation Package - Holy Basil Plus, Triphala Plus and Tridosha Oil

Holy Basil Plus is a synergistic formula with Ashwagandha and Curcumin to promote immunity, stamina and energy booster.

It improves mental balance and brings clarity. It is lung detox formula to relieve congestion and seasonal allergies.

Triphala Plus is an ancient detoxification and rejuvenative formula. It supports digestive function and nutrient assimilation. It detoxifies colon, corrects constipation without creating dependence. Triphala Plus helps to cleanse the body of wastes and toxins, enhance elimination, and strengthen the eyes.

Tridosha oil protects against pollution, UV radiation and weather changes. Daily massage with Tridosha oil helps to maintain and preserve good health and stamina.

Holy Basil Plus, Triphala Plus and Tridosha Oil

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