Welcoming Spring season and Exciting News from Sewanti Ayurvedic Series

Neelam Toprani would like to personally invite you to attend


Friday April 10, 2015 3:15 pm – 4:00 pm
Room Number: 203
CHFA West 2015 – Product Education Session
Conference: April 9 & 10 - Trade show: April 11 & 12
Vancouver Convention Centre - West building

Neelam will simplify basic concepts of Ayurvedic medicine and demonstrate the uniqueness of Ayurveda and its remedial methodology to treat dosha imbalances and bring optimal health through the life force of plants.

Product Exhibition at Horizon Distributors Booth 1909 area April 11 & 12, 2015

Please visit us to receive a complimentary soothing hand massage with Padmashri Therapeutic Massage oils offered by Sewanti team.

Welcoming spring
Spring is a beautiful time of year. It is a time of renewal, new energy, and vitality.

Building Immunity

Enjoy the wisdom of Ayurveda with an article contributed by Ismat Nathani, DNM, Ayurvedic Practitioner and Sewanti Educator.

The concept of Immunity According to Ayurveda:
IMMUNITY is your body’s ability to resist and protect against infectious entities, these are often considered as invaders that come in the form of actual foreign bodies such as bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites, collectively called pathogens. A weak immune system predisposes one to virtually every type of illness.
There are three types of immunity that Ayurveda talks about
  1. Sahaja: Congenital or Natural (genetic)
  2. Kalaja: Related to Time, Season, Age
  3. Yukti kurta: Acquired (ability to fight disease)
In accordance with Ayurveda, the state of immunity is a direct reflection to the power of Agni, digestive fire and our ability to digest, assimilate and absorb nutrients in our bodies. Unable to retain the proper digestive ability results in Ama “toxins from undigested food”Ama can result from improper eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle practices additionally our relationships, stress, and traumas also greatly impact our digestive process further impacting immune function.

Focuses on three plans for enhancing any of the types of immunity
    Adapting to wholesome substances giving up unwholesome substances, to which the physiology has been addicted since birth. Wholesome food to suit your constitution and good digestion promotes immunity.
      Daily exercise of up to 50% of one’s exertion capacity enhances digestion, removes ama/toxins, strengthens tissue metabolism and promotes immunity.
      Rejuvenation refers to promoting the whole physiology, producing resistance against disease both physically and mentally.
      Building a positive state of mind and happy state of the emotions along with Rasayana herbs and therapies that includes;

      • Balanced dietary habits
      • Appropriate intake of herbs
      • Proper daily routine
      • Good conduct

      Some Ayurvedic herbs/spices that helps in reducing Kapha & Vata, building the Agni and strengthening the immunity;
      Ayurvedic Practitioner Suggestions:

      Sewanti Triphala Plus can be taken daily to gently cleanse and tone the large intestine, helping to keep the body free of ama. Take 2 capsules twice daily to support healthy digestion and strengthen eyes.

      Sewanti Holy Basil Plus can reduce excess Kapha. Take 2 capsules twice daily before meals.

      Padmashri Invigorating Kapha Oil
      Daily self-massage will improve the circulation, energize the body, and provides relaxation.

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