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Sewanti has developed five key products to address many of the health issues seen at our affiliated Ayurvedic hospital in India. These five Ayurvedic products are now available in Canada and USA as Sewanti Ayurvedic Series. Our team team of experienced Ayurvedic physicians and QA/QC team ensure that our products are 100% vegetarian, and free of additives, microbiological, heavy metal and GMO contaminants. All our Sewanti Ayurvedic herbal remedies are also classified as Vegan, gluten-free, Canadian made, soy free, lactose free, natural, kosher, fair trade, non-GMO, vegetarian, NSF certified and peanut free.

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Sewanti Ayurvedic Series: “Service with Devotion.”

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The word “Sewanti” means, “Service with Devotion.” Our company is committed to provide the highest-quality, authentic Ayurvedic products available. Sewanti bring Ayurveda to the Western world and contributes towards the movement of Ayurveda in North America. Proven clinical research and third-party tested for botanical quality, purity and potency. Sewanti Ayurvedic multi-ingredient classical formulations have been available in Canada since 2007.

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5000 Years of Nature and Science for the Whole-body wellness

Ayurveda - The legacy of Health. Ayurveda is an Indian legacy of health. It's continuous relevance despite being a 5000 year old tradition is due to the remarkable individualization and an unequivocally holistic nature which has made Ayurveda a global phenomenon.

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