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We are proud to say that we are a pioneer company to have Ayurvedic multi-ingredient classical formulations approved by Natural Health Product Directorate of Health Canada for safety, efficacy and quality. Our team of experienced Ayurvedic physicians and QA/QC team ensure that our products are 100% vegetarian, and free of additives, microbiological, heavy metal and GMO contaminants. We have extensive experience working with Westerners who travel to India to undergo intensive regimens of detoxification. Based on this experience, Sewanti has developed five key products that address many of the health issues seen at our affiliated Ayurvedic hospital in India. Now, through Sewanti, these five Ayurvedic products are available in Canada and the US.

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Sewanti Ayurvedic Series: “Service with Devotion.”

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At Padmashri Naturals we’re devoted to bringing ancient Ayurveda wisdom to modern life. The word “Sewanti” means, “Service with Devotion.” Our Sewanti Ayurvedic Series natural health products are designed to address modern health challenges: metabolic disorders, joint diseases, stress, depression, digestive issues, etc. From classical formulas to innovative new blends, master formulator Neelam Toprani crafts each supplement according to Ayurvedic science and tradition. 100% Vegan, free of GMO, additives, heavy metals, pesticides and contaminants

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We are proud to say that we are a pioneer company have anyurvedic ulti-ingredent classical formulations apporved by natural health product directorate of health canada for safety, efficency and quality.

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The Benefits of Ayurveda Remedies.

Ayurvedic practitioner Neelam Toprani on the benefits of Ayurvedic remedies.


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