Some tips for keeping Pitta in balance at this time of year

Here in the West coast of Canada we had a very mild winter, early spring and summer. Spring was filled with many interesting events for Sewanti. In early May, we sponsored AAPNA conference in Edison, New Jersey and presented Sewanti products to the Ayurvedic community in US. It was an amazing event to learn in depth Consciousness in Ayurveda from celebrity teachers like Vaidya Vasant Lad, Dr. Marc Halpern, Dr. Paul Dugliss and many more
It gives me immense pleasure to meet with passionate individuals who have joined me in spreading the wisdom of Ayurveda in various parts of North America.

In this newsletter, I would like to introduce Asrael, an Ayurvedic practitioner and Yoga teacher based Cowichan Valley and share her article on Pitta Season.
Summer is here, and with it comes the hot, sunny days that we all love. In Ayurveda, this is Pitta Season.

The long, steamy, hot days are a welcome relief after our west coast winters, but this is also a time when it is easy to overdo and overheat. Pitta energy, when in balance is nurturing, fun, energetic and playful. When it's fiery nature gets out of balance it can manifest in frustration, anger, sleeplessness, and rashes. We can easily find balance at this time of year by taking care to be aware of the excess heat, and by incorporating different practices in our daily lives.
Some tips for keeping Pitta in balance at this time of year
It is important to check in with yourself, to see how you are feeling~ Are you overdoing it? Are you taking the time to rest and enjoy? Notice where you are at and what you are doing. This is perhaps the most important step towards keeping yourself in balance at any time of year.
Enjoy Nature
When the summer sun is shining, and the air is warm it’s a perfect time to be outside and to be in nature. Nature is very balancing to Pitta. It’s a wonderful time of year to enjoy your garden, working with the earth is extremely grounding and cooling, and sitting in the shade, smelling the beautiful flowers is an energetic air conditioner. Take nice long walks in the morning or the evening~ even better if they are gentle hikes in a park or woodland by you.

Another great way to cool off at this time of year is by embracing any water sources near you. Jump in your favorite lake, river or ocean- let the currents carry your stresses away.
Pitta is very playful in its energy. If you notice yourself spending a lot of time working inside or are stressed because you are feeling overwhelmed by everything that you “need” to get done, STOP. Overdoing and overworking can energetically take our physical and emotional beings to an unhealthy place very quickly. Give yourself permission to play and enjoy life. Make time for your friends and your family, go on a picnic, or a camping trip, or maybe just have a nice dinner together once a week.

When the days are long and sunny, when there is more chance for connection and holiday, take advantage and jump in. Embrace your inner child, and then embrace those that you love around you. It is great medicine for the soul and a wonderful way to balance too much Pitta energy.
Diet is also very important at this time of year. Pitta can be aggravated by pungent, salty and sour foods. Notice if you are finding too many of these in your meals and add in some sweet and bitter tastes for balance. In most places, there is an abundance of fresh local vegetables and fruit, and it is a perfect time to enjoy such foods as berries, apples, cucumbers, spinach, peas and zucchini (try to avoid lots of nightshades!). Fresh herbs are also amazing at this time of year- cilantro, dill, basil, fennel, and parsley add spice and zest to any meal. It is also important to notice what you are drinking and nourish your digestive fire with room temperature or warm spice waters, cold water will extinguish digestion. Most importantly enjoy your food as you make it and as you eat it.
Sewanti cooling tips for summer:
  • Start your day with self-massage with Cooling Pitta oil to alleviate the symptoms of Pitta Dosha.
  • In order to support your vision and complexion add Amla powder to your beverages.
  • Improve your digestion with Triphala plus to keep the elimination system running smoothly.

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