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Fall is the season of Vata according to Ayurveda. The cold, light and rough qualities of Vata could trigger allergies and hormonal imbalances.
In Ayurveda, the solution for seasonal diseases is also explained as Ritucharya. (Ritu =Season and Charya = regimens). These lifestyle modifications help by preventing seasonal unevenness. There are 6 seasons explained in Ayurveda. Among them, Autumn is known as Sharad Ritu and the regiments are called Sharad Ritucharya.
The uniqueness of this season is there isn’t a sudden increase in doshas, but there is something hidden inside like waiting for the breeding of the disease. The role of Ayurveda is to help to stave off disease by boosting immunity.

Things to keep in mind as we transition into Autumn

Food Modifications: In Sharad Ritucharya the taste of Madhura (sweet)and Tikta (Bitter) is advised for daily use. This helps to bring normalcy to Vata /Pitta dosha. The quantity of intake needs to be observed. Avoid cucumber, strawberry, watermelon, grapefruit, grapes, ginger, and lemon. Drink plenty of warm water or herbal teas during the day. The ayurvedic detox tea made of coriander, cumin, and fennel seeds is advised.

Ayurvedic Water: "Hamsodaka
In Ayurveda, there is special water known as Hamsodakam means it is pure like Amrita (elixir of immortality) which is collected from nature. We can make Hamsodakam by soaking dry fruits or flowers like Figs, dates, raisins, dates, and rose flowers in water and consume in the early mornings. Eating the meat of animals from marshy land (waterlogged land), alkaline drinks or substances, yogurt, daytime sleeping, and exposure to cold winds are not advised in Ayurveda.

Take care of immunity: The food should be light and easily digestible increasing your immunity. The rice, barley, and wheat are good for this time. Soups of root vegetables, green gram, different pulses, and a side dish of lean meat are suggested. Warm soups made with stimulating spices, stews, and ghee are useful to balance the Vata and pitta dosha. Before going to bed Turmeric milk with a pinch of ginger and black pepper is a good immune-boosting drink.

Lifestyle Modifications:Blazing yellow, orange, and red leaves of fall represent the change of season Autumn is a great time to get outside and enjoy the cool breeze, crisp leaves, and warm sun rays the nature change to golden color with maple leaves and pumpkin orange.

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