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Ayurvedic Anu Tailam Nasya Oil

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Anu tailam is a classical Ayurvedic herbal oil described in the Ashtanga Hrdaya, Sutrasthana 2nd Chapter.  It is also called Anu Tail, used by Ayurvedic practitioners in the treatment procedure known as Nasya treatment. As per Ayurveda, there is a marma point in the forehead right at the junction of eyebrows, called Shringatake marma.
Anu tailam is for balancing for Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. In massaging
Ayurveda recommends a healthy regimen that every healthy individual should follow on a daily basis. In this daily regimen, oil massage, exercise, bathing, and the use of Nasya oil are also mentioned. 
Anu tailam Naya is not recommended with Jal Neti. At least there should be a half an hour gap between the two. 
Prepared in a base of pure sesame oil, Anu tailam contains 30 different ingredients, including herbs such as Jivanti and Devadaru, as well as goat’s milk.

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