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Barbara Hurst
My conversation with Dr.Martina this morning was delightful in all ways - thank you.

Thank you … Dr. Martina truly is a gift – thank you for sharing her with me. Her connection, guidance, understanding, support and innate wisdom are all deeply appreciated.

Dr. Martina Ziska has extensive medical clinical and scientific background. After finishing the faculty of general medicine at the prestigious Charles University of Prague, Czech Republic she did a neurology residency at a university hospital. There she also participated in clinical research on neuroplasticity in a Ph.D. program.

 Martina has held the position of medical director at Lyme Disease Foundation, Hartford, CT, and advocated the best public policy, research, and clinical care for people living with Lyme disease in North America.

Love and passion for clinical work brought Martina to Ayurvedic medicine. She started her US studies at New England Academy in Boston with such titans as Drs. David Frawley, John Douillard, and later Vasant Lad and Robert Svoboda. She continued her never-ending education at International Yoga Academy in Pune, India, realizing this is a lifelong professional and personal journey.

Since 1999, Dr. Martina has practiced Ayurveda in the US, Netherlands, Czech Republic, and India. This journey has given her the privilege and experience of working with close to 20 000 people but also learning by teaching. She was the principal teacher at the Academy of Ayurveda Studies in Amsterdam, Netherlands, as well as the founder of Ayurveda Gurukula's professional training for Ayurveda practitioners based in Prague. She has given numerous talks, lectures, seminars, and workshops worldwide and continues to do so.

Martina spreads the wisdom of Ayurveda also through writing. She is the author of books on ayurvedic nutrition, spices, and cooking /Nutrition Ahara: Practical Ayurveda guide and In the ayurvedic kitchen, both currently in the Czech language/ and recently wrote a book on tantra /in English/that has she hopes to publish soon.

The work has brought Dr. Martina to focus on the workings of the mind and understanding the inner aspects of our existence. Here she draws on her studies and personal practices of yoga, Vedic chanting, and meditation. She desires to restore psychology to Ayurveda in a systematic way.

 Dr. Martina Ziskas´ consultations focus on understanding who we are /in the language of Ayurveda and yoga/ and how to best go about life challenges, including disease. She helps people to come to an understanding which empowers them to make the necessary changes that allow them to move back towards the flow of life and its blessings.

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