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About the Consultant

Dr. Roza Moradi
Ayurveda Practitioner
Ayurveda Instructor at CAISH institute
Doctor Moradi is a Doctor of Natural Medicine, specializing in Ayurveda practice.
She has completed her Bachelors with Honors of Psychology, and after completing her Medical Degree in the USA, she has gained her Doctorate Degree in Natural Medicine practices and Ayurveda Practitioner degree in Canada (CAISH institute).

Studying the human body and diseases in Medical school, and practicing in the most prestigious hospitals in Chicago have given her an outstanding ability to be able to observe each case in Her Natural Medicine practice in more detail.

She has also gained tremendous hand on experience in Ayurveda by attending and International Academy of Ayurveda in India/Pune, where she was able to work in both hospital and clinical settings.

Other than practicing Ayurveda, she is also a Faculty member at CAISH institute and hopes that the great knowledge of Ayurveda will touch many more people’s hearts and impact them in the healthiest, happiest way possible by teaching it.

Her Services includes:

Consultation, pulse reading
Diet and lifestyle managements
Detox (seasonal detox, personalized detoxification)
Metabolic disorder managements
Chronic Diseases Management
Psychology, mental imbalances Management with Ayurveda
Women’s health including pregnancy and postpartum care

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