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Ayurveda wisdom for all women and their family about Covid- 19

The outbreak of a mysterious new Covid-19 is rapidly spreading. The whole world is going through the fear of this Corona Virus, the Research Councils under the Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India have issued advisory based on the Indian traditional medicine practices Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Unani.

As per Ayurvedic Practices, the following Preventive Management Steps are suggested.

Maintain Personal Hygiene

• The advisory suggested to maintain personal hygiene like washing hands with soap frequently and covering mouth with an N95 mask.
• The coronavirus is large in size with a cell diameter of 400-500 micro, so any mask prevents its entry.
• The virus does not settle in the air, but on the ground, so it is not transmitted by the air.
• The coronavirus, when it falls on a metal surface, will live for 12 hours, so washing hands with soap and water well will do the trick.
• The virus lives on the hands for 10 minutes so putting the alcohol sanitizer in the pocket is enough for the purpose of prevention.
• If the virus is exposed to a temperature of 26-27°C, it will be killed, it does not live in hot areas.

Boost your Immune system

• Strengthening the immune system through a healthy diet and lifestyle practices as a precautionary measure would help to a great extent.

Preventive measures for infection

• Make a decoction of 1 teaspoon of Trikatu powder (made with Black pepper, long pepper, and ginger) with 3-5 fresh Tulsi leaves or ½ teaspoon of Tulsi leaf powder in 4 glasses of water. Boil until only 2 glasses remain. Drink this hot tea throughout the day.
• Pratimarsa Nasya: Instill two drops of Anu Tailam in each nostril daily in the morning,"
• Gargling with warm water and salt kills tonsils and prevents them from leaking into the lungs.
• Use a neti pot to clear germs from the nasal passages.
• Stay away from ice cream and cold food and prefer home-cooked food.
• Drink Tulsi and Guduchi tea to soothe respiratory conditions.


• Take immune-boosting supplements like Ashwagandha and Turmeric.
• Ashwagandha helps to balance aggravated Vata and is also an adaptogen to help increase energy and resistance to stress.
• Turmeric is a source of antioxidants and aids in digestion, helps to increase bile excretion by the liver and helps to relieve pain and inflammation.
• Massage: Daily abhyanga or self-massage with Invigorating Kapha oil will help to improve circulation as a preventive measure.
• Yoga and Meditation: Your daily spiritual practice will help to keep your stress levels low and immune system healthy.

Adhering to these instructions is sufficient to prevent the virus
“This advocacy is for information only and shall be adopted in consultation with registered Ayurveda practitioners only”

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