Sewanti invites you to Ayurveda & Metabolic Disorders AAPNA Conference


AAPNA’s 7th Conference, Ayurveda & Metabolic Disorders, will focus on the ayurvedic approach to various metabolic disorders.

June 8th and 9th, 2013 

UBC - Asia Centre,  403-1871 West Mall,  Vancouver BC.  

Sewanti is a proud sponsor/organizer of this special event! In addition, Neelam Toprani, founder of Sewanti, will be a featured presenter at the conference.

For more information: call Neelam at 604.628.2003

According to ayurveda, metabolic disorders are due to Agni Vaishamya (improper digestion, metabolism and absorption). Agni Vaishamya occurs due to the disturbance of agni, the digestive fire. Causes that contribute to the vitiation of agni include improper diet and unhealthy daily routine and lifestyle. Vitiation of agni leads to the production of ama (toxic, morbid substance in the body), doshic imbalances, disturbance in the tissue metabolism, and depletion of ojas, tejas and/or prana. As conditions progress further, blockages in the individual channels of circulation (srotas) occur, leading to the development of various metabolic disorders such as obesity, diabetes, thyroid disturbances.

Ayurvedic texts recommend enhancing the digestive fire through a correct diet, proper physical exercise, internal herbal formulations, panchakarma (detoxification) and rasayana (rejuvenation) therapies.


AAPNA is the Association of Ayurvedic Professionals of North America

AAPNA conference Guest of Honour

Mr. Scott Sawler was appointed Director General of the Natural Health Products Directorate in December 2010. Prior, Mr. Sawler was the Senior Manager of the Ethics and Regulatory Office for the NCIC Clinical Trials Group, a cooperative oncology group at Queen’s University.

AAPNA conference Featured Presenters (in alphabetical order)