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Padmashri Classical Ayurvedic Oils

Padmashri Classical Oils

Unlike massage oils used in the West, Ayurvedic oils are specially crafted medicinal substances that can be used both internally and externally. The traditional procedure to make such oils is labor intensive and requires the skill of a master Ayurvedic pharmacist, who slowly decocts medicinal plants and other natural substances into heat-stable oils at low temperatures. These traditional oils are a striking contrast to what many companies in the West currently market as 'Ayurvedic oils', which are nothing more than carrier oils that feature various essential oil blends.

Padmashri oils are the highest quality Ayurvedic oils on the market, prepared according to authentic Ayurvedic practices, and packed in amber-coloured glass bottles (not plastic) to ensure shelf-life and stability.


With Padmashri, you only get the pure unadulterated Ayurvedic oil, containing its original scent and texture, and nothing more. That is our guarantee. Available in 30ml ,100ml,1Litre, 5Litre